Harmonica Workshop

Mon. June 1 - Wed. June 3, 2015


For the ninth year, the Kerrville Folk Festival and the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation will be offering this 3-day Harmonica Workshop. Harmonica players are invited to join our guest faculty Rob Roy Parnell, Ronnie Shellist and PT Gazell while they explore harp techniques and styles. Recommended for intermediate level or above.


If you pay by May 10, the price is just $180. Admission goes up to $215 after May 10. Your paid admission includes the class and a special harmonica workshop t-shirt, tent camping fees, lunches, and admission to the Sundown Concerts for class days.  Enrollment is limited. 


Visit our ticket page to register online, or call the festival office at (830) 257-3600 or mail your registration check to: Kerrville Folk Festival, PO Box 291466, Kerrville TX 78029



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Note from Faculty Director Rob Roy Parnell - We invite all harmonica players who desire to learn the diversity of this little but powerful instrument to come to learn in one of the most unique learning environments..... The Kerrville Folk Festival. The festival is located in the heart of the beautiful hill country outside of Kerrville, Texas. Airports at both Austin and San Antonio are about two hours away. The Festival uses San Antonio airport, so sometimes shuttle rides straight to the Festival are available. The three day event provides a unique learning environment by limiting the number of students  thereby ensuring that the student will be enriched with acquiring the knowledge and teachings from the three teachers and fellow players. The teaching syllabus has been revised recently, reflecting the desires of past students to make the workshop even better! This year  workshop also includes a performance at the end of the third day on stage with a band at the Kerrville Folk Festival! Tent camping at the festival is included with your registration  and of course lodging is available in Kerrville which is approximately 15 minutes from the festival. Welcome Home!




We will update information for 2015 as it becomes available.



Look for our ad in the upcoming issue of Harmonica Happenings, a quarterly publication issued by The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH)




Norton Buffalo...

Interview from 2009 KFF


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Useful Links for Harmonica Players

Here are some useful links Rob Roy and other faculty collected for the Workshop in 2011. Posted here for all to use. 

Beneficial Links for Helping You Succeed at Playing Harmonica!

Understanding Relative Major/ Minor 

First Position

Kim Wilson First Position 

Gary Primich First Position
Example of Third Position- Gary Primich (Band is in C)

Tongue Blocking

Examples of Play along Books

Free Tracks

Slow the Speed of the Song but Hold the Pitch



Internet Groups : 
Harp-L; http://harp-l.com/mailman/listinfo/harp-l, Facebook; World of Harmonica 

Teachers on the Web: 
Adam Gussow, Howard Levy, Ronnie Shellist, Michael Rubin Jason Ricci, Dave Barrett 


relative major / relative minor scales